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Subtitling and Translation for every film, video and web format

Subtitling and Translation

DCP Subtitling

We convert to DLP Cinema XML subtitles from every format (SubRip srt, EBU STL, Final Cut Pro XML, Avid, SCC, SSA, etc.)

The subtitles could be superimposed in the screening (Overlay, “soft” subtitles) or could be incorporated into the image ("hard subtitles").

We unpack your DCP to insert subtitles (or others, like Dubbed audio, logos, etc.) and we repack it.

Also, we can create Supplementary DCPs when needed. 

Subtitling Preview:

Quickly and accurately review the translation and synchronization of your subtitles.

We can send you a video preview with the subtitles and in a Word document, like in this example:

Download preview:
The Upside Trailer

The Upside Trailer

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