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DCP - Digital Cinema Package Mastering & Subtitling

DCP-Digital Cinema Package Mastering & Subtitling

We process and deliver your film in a DCP Master ready for its exhibition in movie theatres around the globe.

Because of our daily contact with filmmakers, producers, exhibitors and distributors, we understand your needs.

We abide by all the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI) guidelines to provide you with the certainty that your film meets the quality and compatibility standards required for its exhibition in the cinema industry.

Films and movie trailers processed by us are distributed and exhibited successfully throughout America, always reaching the total satisfaction of our customers.

Problem Solving

Your film has no subtitles and you’ll have a premiere on 2 days.

You have a ProRes video (Or another kind) and need a DCP urgently.

You need to convert your DCP to Blu-ray or any other kind of video.

You want a localised Spot (5 to 30 seconds) edited from the Trailer and you don’t have separated tracks of image and sound.

Your DCP (open or encrypted) has NC-17 or R scenes and you need to edit them.

The trailer for cinemas and web has no punch or effectiveness, is

too long or its graphics are bad.

You need a Combo DCP with both subtitled and dubbed versions.

You want to add one or more Production Logos and / or additional Credit list.

You need to improve your DCP original or actual subtitles.

You need your DCP is downloaded via FTP, Aspera or other services, quickly and safely.

You need your DCP uploaded on the cloud for faster distribution.



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