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With more than 25 years of experience in production and post-production of professional film and video: Photography, Stop-Motion and Digital Animation, Editing, Screenwriting, Special Effects, Production Design and Direction.


We started in 1998 the first process in Mexico for digital printing of 35mm subtitle bands (High Contrast film, overlay method). This allowed us to make a full feature in hours when the photo-mechanical processes took weeks.


Soon we made our first localised trailer in 35mm (American Psycho for Nuvision) improving our Data to Film process.


We have 20 years of experience in translation and subtitling of hundreds of feature films, trailers, ads, shorts, series, etc., to give you the certainty of attracting a wider audience for your movie.


Thanks to the speed and quality of our service, in a matter of less than a year we had as regular customers Gussi Cinema, UIP (today Paramount), Videocine, 20th Century Fox, Universal, Quality Films, Warner Bros., Zima, Nueva Era, Altavista Films and others.


We also provided support services to Labofilms, Cinecolor, Churubusco Studios and other film laboratories.


Since 2011 we made the transition to Digital Cinema, since then we carried out the subtitling processes, DCP conversion, DCP unwrapping and re-wrapping, localisation, conversions and multi-copy of hundreds of feature films and trailers.





Phone: +52 (55) 55758102

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